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Computer repair and Support for Vancouver
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Emergency IT Support

In and arround the Vancouver area we can provide a quick response should you have any emergencies. One of our technicians can be on-site immediately  for diagnosis and repair. If you suspect that you have a virus or experiencing technical difficulties, speed can be crucial to prevent loss of crucial files stored on your computer.

Here are a few of our most popular areas of service:

Network Health Check/Service
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Our Network Health Check/Service is an intensive diagnostic process designed to check the critical components of your computer network for security, reliability, and performance. The service will make sure your network is running at peak performance and protected from data loss, downtime, viruses, and security breaches.

We will ensure that your your network and the information it holds, is performing at peak efficiency and safety. One of our trained engineers will perform the Health Check, and will then advise you on any essential upgrades required.

System backups, onsite and offsite
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It has never been a more important time to protect your data, with more and more threats from viruses and other security threats, having a secure backup in place will protect you from simple file loss, problems booting up your PC, to a complete system crash.

PC Health Check/Service
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Your computer will need regular maintenance to keep it running at its optimum level of performance, it will build up redundant files, unessential programs and get clogged up with dust and other unwanted items. Over time this will lead to reduced efficiency and require your equipment to replaced before its time.

IT eXpress recommend that you CLEAN your computer once a year, the service can be carried at your office or at your home at time to suit you. We will perform a complete service on your system, backup all of your important files onto CD or extrenal hard drive and give you advice on any essential upgrades.

Virus, Spyware and Malware removal
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Is your computer behaving erractically? are you  seeing annoying pop-ups? being asked to download software? is your computer runnning slowly? Your first port of call is to speak to our helpdesk so that we can determine whether you are under threat, and if necessary offer you a quick and effective virus, spyware and malware cleaning service! We can also give you advice on the most current antivirus and antispyware protection tools particular to your requirements.

Data Recovery
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Has your computer experienced system failure? Would you like to retrieve data from the hard disk? Don't hesitate to call us. We will look at the faulty hardware and help to retrieve your files. We can also give you advice about protecting your data in the future.

Broadband & Wireless Setup
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With the ever changing market it is very difficult to assess which broadband package will suit your needs, with our fingers to the pulse we can help you choose the right Internet package and help you setup your equipment and wireless network.

New Equipment, Setup & Configuration
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Whether you need a completely new system or an upgrade to your existing setup, we can work with your budget to find you the best solution, and in most cases better the price you would pay at retail. In our experience it is always preferable to have a trained engineer on-site to setup and configure your equipment, a lot of our support call-outs are related to badly installed equipment and resulting security implications. We will also give you advice on how to look after and clean your equipment to give it a good shelf life.




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