1. Trust:  Make sure you trust the IT support company you want to hire.It is vital that you feel comfortable with the person or company you are working with. After all, they are going to have your company’s data in their hands. You need to trust your IT services provider as you  trust your accountant. Trust your intuition in this matter.

2.  Skills: It is important to know if the computer support services company you are dealing with has the right level of skills for IT support. You might wonder how many years of experience the IT staff has, who are their clients and how long have they been with them. Are the field technicians fully supported by senior management and do they have access to invaluable resources that can save time if a serious problem occurs. For example Microsoft has a professional support for training and qualifications as well as technical forums and valuable troubleshooting information libraries.

  1. Communication:  Do the IT support company staff communicate in clear, understandable language (English). Miscommunication in some situations can have serious negative consequences.

4. Cost:   Cheaper may seem appealing, but can end up costing more later, if the job was not done right the first time because of unqualified personnel. Hiring the right people has a cost.

5. Preventive maintenance Or reactive maintenance:  Preventive maintenance (like IT Outsourcing) requires regular checks and updates of your IT infrastructure. If done properly the need for reactive maintenance decreases.