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Home and office wired and wireless networking in Vancouver BC

Broadband is the term given to any type of fast Internet connection. Until recently, most home based computers were linked to a modem which was plugged directly into the telephone line in order to 'dial up' and go online. This method of connection is often very slow and therefore most people have moved over to broadband, which provides much faster access to the internet and faster downloads. IT eXpress can help you upgrade from dial-up to broadband and also set up Internet connections from scratch.

If you have several computers in your house, it is smart to network them together so that you can easily share files and printers between machines. Networks can either be created using wires to connect various computer quipment, or more commonly via a wireless network.

Not only is a wireless network easy to manage, but it offers additional flexibility by enabling you to use your laptop to go online anywhere in the house or garden without the use of cables! Using a wireless network also enables several users to access the internet at one time - so no more family arguments!

A further advantage of creating a home network is that it provides the opportunity to keep unsightly equipment, such as the printer, in another room creating a 'clutter free' environment too!


We were very satisfied by the service level provided both by the technician, , and by those we spoke to at the head office sales team. Everyone helped to get us back on track when the first attempt at setting up wireless did not work out. Many thanks to all at IT eXpress”

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