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Why your system needs an antivirus program?

If you download software from the Internet, read emails or even regularly transfer data between computer systems, then you should use a free virus removal tool. In fact, every PC user should implement the use of an antivirus program because there are now so many risks of infections. Do not think that just because you do not have to download softwares from the web that you will not become the victim of a virus. There are several ways your computer can get infected.

So what are viruses and what can they do to a Windows operating system?


Well, viruses usually come in the form of free programs that are distributed all over the internet and many of their creators use emails and computer network security vulnerabilities to spread them.

The problem with a computer virus is that, apart from the fact that it can be nearly impossible to find and remove, it will corrupt, delete, modify and destroy system components in the short span of time. In fact, sometimes just rebooting after installing a malicious application render your system inaccessible because of some file corruption.


Often, users underestimate the importance a virus removal application.

Removing a virus manually is problematic. These viruses and malwares are designed to infect a large number of system file. These security tools applications, on the other hand will be able to detect patterns of signature files and folders which are then repaired appropriately.


There are a number of symptoms that are associated with these infections, but some of the most common are browser redirection, system crashes, reduced performances and the installation of unauthorized toolbars  and programs.

As a precaution, you should run a scan at least once a day to prevent infection.


We have reviewed and tested many free virus removal tools and we can recommend the one that is appropriate for your system or your office network.


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